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I am developing a Windows Form application on a Windows Mobile 6 device and I cannot get the datagrid to format correctly. When I use the code below there are no columns displayed, it is either ignoring my code or it is incorrect but there are no errors generated.

DataGridTableStyle dgTableStyle = new DataGridTableStyle();
dgTableStyle.MappingName = tempDt.TableName;

DataGridTextBoxColumn dgSty_name = new DataGridTextBoxColumn();
dgSty_name.HeaderText = "name";
dgSty_name.MappingName = "sty_name";

dataGrid1.DataSource = tempDt;

The datatable I am binding (tempDt) has about 6 columns in it, one of them is called sty_name.

Any help greatly appreciated as this is driving me mad!



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Solved it! sty_name needs to be in capitals!

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In the famous words of Homer Simpson.... Dooohhhhh!!! When a datatable is queried, by default the column names are upper case. I just ran into this myself... Thanks for your post and answer. –  DRapp Jan 17 '13 at 15:44
Can anyone point out, what I have to do, when my datasource is a List of Objects? I referenced the Object name of my list, and the names of the public properties still it does NOTHING! –  Lorgarn Nov 17 '14 at 15:22

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