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I have records with values like: date, hour, value. Aggregating whole day is easy, i just group by date. My problem is that i need to aggregate records from whole days with specific start/end time. In example when start time is 9 a.m. then i have records: - from monday 9 a.m. to tuesday 8 a.m (grouped in one record) - from tuesday 9 a.m. to wednesday 8 a.m. (grouped in one record) and so on. Thanks, for any ideas.

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I'm going to assume your hour field is an INT, but regardless you should be able to adapt this...

  CASE WHEN hour >= 9 THEN date ELSE date - 1 END

This essentially treats any hour before 9am as being part of the previous day.

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GROUP BY date_trunc('day',date+(hour-9)*interval '1h') or something like that?

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