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I want to change some text which says 'Name:' to 'Name'. In other words, I just want to hide the ':'.

Can jQuery select a character or word within a div? If so it would be easy to hide the ':' character or if needs be replace the text to same word but without that character.


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If you want to use JQuery then ,

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javaScript replace() Method

Example code :

<script type="text/javascript">

var str="Name:";
document.write(str.replace(/:/g, ""));

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Probably a newbie question, but ive put the code before my closing head tag and the text 'Name' is being added to the top of the page, and the : is being left. –  jdln Apr 7 '11 at 11:38
@jdln- first load whole page than replace the value of text by using innerhtml or innertext. –  Pranay Rana Apr 7 '11 at 11:45

You can use JavaScript's replace()

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You can use the javascript function replace.

var str = 'Name:';
str = str.replace(/:/g,'');

This will replace the ':' char with nothing basically.

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I think the original question is whether jQuery can select based on the content of a node, not whether it can do a replace. The answer is yes; you can select by content:


Then, you can do a simple string replace on that node, assuming that you aren't going to have other instances on the page that also have "Name:" in which you don't want to remove the colon:

var $nameDiv = $("div:contains('Name:')")
$nameDiv.html($nameDiv.html().replace(/:/g,""); // Copied from others.  I didn't check this

I'm not sure how expensive the :contains() selector is - it sounds expensive. So it might be better to wrap the key elements in a div with an ID.

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try bellow code it's working fine.

function removeSelectedText () {
    if (window.getSelection || document.getSelection) {
        var oSelection = (window.getSelection ? window : document).getSelection();
            $('#text').text().substr(0, oSelection.anchorOffset).replace( $('#text').text().substr(oSelection.focusOffset),''));
    } else {

$('#remove').click(function() {
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'hi' >> hi'

$('#gridscroll').html($('#gridscroll').html().replace(/\'/g, ""));

'hi' >> hi

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