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I was thinking about the possibility to use my Android device as a touchpad with usual computers (without the need of special software on the computer's side).

Do you think it's possible to identify the android phone as a bluetooth mouse against a computer? Do I need to root my phone or does the Android SDK/bluetooth stack allows me something like that?

I'm knew to this topic. Does anybody can provide me some useful links / information ?

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This is exactly what I have done. It is my bachelor thesis. You need a rooted phone and Linux on the computer side. You do not have to install anything on your computer. It uses the HID class drivers.

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You will need is Bluetooth HID profile support on the android phone, and also for the phone to act as a HID device i.e support the Bluetooth HID device role.

HID is officially supported in honeycomb. See this - Android Bluetooth Features I think the current support is only for HID host role , i.e. for keyboards / mice etc to connect with and input to the phone.

Also currently there are no APIs exposed for applications to access.

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