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I have a IIS webserver (v 6.1) with a webpage which is accessable from other devices in the LAN. If I try to access a php-page via the IP address I can only download the file. IIS doesn't interpret the PHP.
When I access the page locally (with a specified hostname like 'http://test.app') everything works fine.

Are there any settings to control this behaviour?

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In default IIS server doesn't parse php content and

you must configure your IIS server to parse and render PHP content.

Please read this setup tutorial

or just google for configuring iis for php

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I have installed the PHPManager and PHP version 5.3.5 is used, so PHP works fine if I call the php-file locally via a host name. The problem exists only when I try to access the site from another PC inside the LAN over the IP. –  hering Apr 7 '11 at 13:41
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The problem lies within the PHP file as it returns JSON or JavaScript.

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