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I've upgraded to XCode 4 and because IB is now inside none of my old NIB files will open getting a "An instance of ASKNibConnector could not be decoded" error. Is there a way to convert NIBs to XIBs without interface builder? or do you have to do something like reinstall 3, convert the nibs and reinstall 4?

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that's odd. I upgraded from xCode3 to xCode4 without any issues with my IB files. I'd be curious how this one works out in the end. – Ali Apr 7 '11 at 13:33
all my stuff so far has been applescript based with IB for the GUI which may be the problem cause but no clear answer on how to fix it. – Viking Apr 7 '11 at 15:19

To convert your nib to xib format, use the command line tool ibtool like this:

ibtool foo.nib --upgrade --write foo.xib

Or use this gist to find all your nibs and convert them:

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I have made a simple application to accomplish this task, here is the link: NibToXibConverter

Here is the code: NibToXibConverter@github

Hope it helps :-)


Guys this answer has become deprecated now please refer answer given by Thomas, because of time constraints I am unable to resolve issues reported by users on latest version of OS X, I will be glad if someone volunteers to do so. Link to its repo in github is shared above.

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