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actual the Labels shows the namespace of the control and not the name (header) of the active tabitem.

<Label Content="{x:Type TabControl}" />


    <TabItem Header="Header1" />
    <TabItem Header="Header2" />
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You obviously have no clue about what you are doing, read this: Data Binding Overview
The x:Type markup extension has nothing to do with binding, it just returns the type of a given class.

One way to bind to the selected item:

<Label Content="{Binding ElementName=tc, Path=SelectedItem.Header}"/>
<TabControl Name="tc" ...>
     <!-- Items -->

(Note: The SelectedItem normally (- when using ItemsSource -) does not represent the selected control but the data behind the selected item)

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thx for the solution and the links, i will read it :-) –  jwillmer Apr 8 '11 at 7:12

I hope this is what you want -

<TabControl x:Name="MyControl">
    <TabItem Header="tab1" />
    <TabItem Header="tab2" />
    <TabItem Header="tab3" />
<!-- ... -->
<Label Content="{Binding ElementName=MyControl, Path=SelectedItem.Header}"/>
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