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I am a programmer with ten years experience mostly with Perl and a smattering of Java and C, writing database and data munging scripts, and using R to create visuals. I have a very weak math background and need a SIMPLE and elementary book for introductory statistics to help with learning R. I have narrowed my list to the following? Which would be best for a journeyman programmer to broaden his knowledge of statistics for the purpose of learning R.

  1. Modern Applied Statistics With S-PLUS; Venables & Ripley
  2. A First Course in Statistical Programming with R; Braun & Murdoch
  3. Using R for Introductory Statistics, Verzani
  4. Statistics: An Introduction using R, Crawley
  5. Introductory Statistics with R, Dalgaard

Thanks, CC.

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I reccomend Using R for Introductory Statistics by Verzani. Given that you have a weak math background, this book will teach you basic stats and how to use R. –  ATMathew Apr 7 '11 at 14:43
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