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Is it possible to call a macro inside a variable using Twig templating?

{# in your template #}
{% macro say_hello(name) %}
<p>Oh! Hello {{ name }}!</p>
{% endmacro %}


// In your php script
$post = "Lorem ipsum... {{ _self.say_hello('name') }} ... plus ultra";

And later...

{% ...in template... %}
{{ post }}

I want to do this to allow users to customize their blog template.

Thank you.

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No, I don't thinks its possible. What you'll end up with is a just raw data from your $post variable something like this:

Lorem ipsum... {{ _self.say_hello('name') }} ... plus ultra
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Currently it is possible using StringLoader extension.

See this example: http://twig.sensiolabs.org/doc/functions/template_from_string.html

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