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Is there any way to use MySQL UNION in Rails 3?

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I think the only way you're going to get this to work by directly executing the query.

ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute("SELECT REPEAT('a',1) UNION SELECT REPEAT('b',10)")

This returns an ActiveRecord resultset. If you want the results wrapped in a model do something like this:

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I found a neat hack using select . For example if you want to make a union between User and OtherUser .

User.select('id from other_users union select id')

this will generate this SQL

"SELECT id from other_users union select id FROM users " 
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This what I called awesome, but just to warn some people that would make any mistake like what I did before. By default, when do with pure SQL it should be (SELECT id FROM other_users) UNION (SELECT id FROM users); when take it to Rails, just don't write like User.select("(id from other_users) UNION (select id)") because it will generate SELECT (id from other_users) UNION (SELECT id) FROM users Just saying –  kolonel peteruk Sep 10 '13 at 6:24
Model.find_by_sql("your union query")
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As you can read on this thread there are people working on a better solution for creating union queries in Rails:


Meanwhile, I have written an small hack with which you'll be able to create simple union queries and do some filters with DISTINCT, ORDER BY and LIMIT:


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