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So I have this code:

public class LoggingManager {

Logger root = Logger.getRootLogger();

    public void setLogger(String fullClassName, String level) {


public void logLevelAll(String level) {


My problem is this. The first method takes in values: p1: and p2: DEBUG and will change that classes log level to debug. The second class will change every logger in the project including libraries referenced like spring.

I want to create a method that only changes the logging level of my packages. So changes com.domain.* if you like.

Can this be done?

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Simply set the log level for com.domain. By default each logger will inherit the log level from its parent logger.

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Thanks for your help as always! – Mick Apr 7 '11 at 19:08

Just realised that. Here is the full answer I got for others:

Log4j provides a default root logger that all user-defined loggers inherit from. Root logger is at the top of the logger hierarchy; in other words, root logger is either parent or ancestor of all logger objects created.

For example: A class 'MyClass' in com.domain.sampleapp application package can have a logger named com.domain.sampleapp.MyClass you can use my method above to set the class:


But you can also set the package log level like so:


And finally you could set a whole group of packages (i.e ur whole project) by using:


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