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In hibernate, I want to select the discriminator value. Something like

select discriminator, id, name, age from Animal

The idea is to send the result of this query to the client side, so that I can display a different icon based on the value of the discriminator column (i.e. cat, dog, elephant, etc).

Is that possible? How?

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You can do it as follows:

select a.class,,, a.age from Animal a

From Hibernate Documentation:

The special property class accesses the discriminator value of an instance in the case of polymorphic persistence.

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Great! At first it did not work because I did not qualify with a. and wrote select class ... – flybywire Apr 7 '11 at 16:29

Hibernate query objects, does not know columns. So unless you have a property named discriminator in your Animal object you cant do that. You can do the query in sql or get the entire object and then to get the inherited type, for that you can use "instanceof"

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Really I have not used hibernate(by hope it is narrow to JPA standard), but my hint may help - use either single table inheritece (looks like your case - Animal table declares all necessary info for any entity). Or JOINED inheritance (when Cat, Dog has its own tables)

So you get something like:

public abstract class Animal


public class Cat extends Animal
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