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I am in the process of writing user documentation for a pyqt project of mine, i chose Docbook because i understand it is the defacto language for this kind of stuff in the opensource community, however i am having a hard time generating a qhp file for use with Qt Assistant.

qhp is a QHelpProject file used to generate qch files, the native for Assistant, at the moment i resorted to generate a bunch of html files with chunk.xsl, and then parse the folder for html files and images using a python script of my own, however i feel this is not the best approach so i'm asking if theres a better way of doing it.

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For everyone who reads this (old) post, It might be worth submitting a wish request to the qt assistant authors themselves, perhaps they could add a bit more steam to the severely limited help generator since Qt is quickly becoming popular it is only logical that this be the next step, i've already submitted such a request, if more people do this, then surely they may consider it. As for a solution, writing your own script is probably the best way, most programs out there will probably not do everything you need and using python is robust enough to do that. – osirisgothra Jun 20 '14 at 12:31

I am not aware of anything that works out of the box. DocBook XSL includes stylesheets that produce output for various help systems. These help systems are all based on HTML content with the main difference being the project/support/configuration files.

You could create a stylesheet for Qt Help by modifying one of these existing customizations, for example the one used for Eclipse Help. I am not very familiar with Qt Help, but the support files for Eclipse Help (plugin.xml, toc.xml) are rather similar to .qhp and .qhcp files, so this task does not seem extremely difficult.

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