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Hi The master CakePHP! I want to ask something.

I think the probem is so simple, Is it possible to generate a url in cakephp application like this? (This is google mail like url -[something]/[member]/[controller]/[action]

Where [something] is a dynamic variable, [member] is a prefix, [controller] and [action] is usual cakephp url element.

so I want to shift the usual CakePHP url to the right, or insert /a/something/ in the initial url. In addition, [something] should be read from the controller action

thanks, your help would be very valuable to me and will really help me

QUESTION v2: I have tried to add this routing into routes.php


when i try to access a http://domain.local/a/pte/users/view, it's work, but it display an error when i try to access http://domain.local/a/pte/users


So the simple question is:

How do I have a url like google (example above) without breaking the default CakePHP routing?

QUESTION v4: (Thank's for @Rui)

I tried to create this routing:


It's ok when i try to access

http://domain.local/a/pte/member/users (The result is cake render member_index view, It's a great progress :-) ),

but there are several issue:

  1. when i try to access http://domain.local/a/pte/users (without prefix member, i decided to display index function) it's failed (display an error AController did not defined)
  2. When i create a link

    echo $html->link('test link',array('code'=>'a','something'=>'pte','member'=>true,'controller'=>'users','action'=>'another_view'));

it generate a link like this

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1 Answer 1

Please try in /app/config/routes.php:


And the action should be:

    public function action($something = null, $member = null) { 
    /* action code */

Hope it helps.

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Thank's for your answer.. I have tried to write this routing Router::connect('/:code/:something/:controller/:action', array(), array('code'=>'a','pass'=>array('something')) ); But that was just useful when i write and display an error when i write – herdiansc Apr 7 '11 at 16:45
For, add this route: Router::connect('/a/:something/:member/:controller', array('action' => 'view')); Let me know if it helps, it assumes view is your default action in a controller. – Rui Apr 7 '11 at 16:56
So far It is GREAT Rui! But when i try to access domain.local/a/pte/member/users, cake tell me that Error: The action view is not defined in controller UsersController, Was not supposed to be member_view not just view because of i defined Prefix member in the core – herdiansc Apr 7 '11 at 17:09
Yes cake is looking for action "View" in controller Users... that's why it's saying that error..... – Rui Apr 7 '11 at 19:14
Maybe what you are looking for is routes prefixes... please check here , let me know if it helps. – Rui Apr 7 '11 at 19:22

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