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I am trying to find a issue tracking system fits my needs. I have been trying many of them and so far the closest one to me was FogBugz. I am kinda overwhelmed with investigations, I might use a little community help here.

I am looking for a issue tracking system with integrated email based customer support system (Just something like customers can email to a certain email adress and tickets are created within the issue tracking system, just like FogBugz. It should not be complex) Also a decent mac client is very desirable.

I am looking an alternative for FogBugz because I encounter a bit of problems when using the mac client Tickets. Problem is either the app is buggy or FogBugz API is obsolete.

I do not have any price limits. Also this can be a set of applications which integrates well.

Thanks in advance

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Have you contacted them for support? – Lucero Apr 7 '11 at 16:31
FogBugz is very good, why not just use its web ui? I don't know Tickets, but I know FogBugz API quite well, and it doesn't support lot of new stuff that is available in Web UI of FogBugz (e.g. plugins are not exposed at all). – Peter Štibraný Apr 7 '11 at 17:29
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I have tried every single major issue tracking system. Fogbugz might be one of the good ones. But I discovered YouTrack is the best one. It is actually way beyond the rest. Simple yet powerful, wondeful UI, ultra flexible, has mailbox integration, blazing fast, and there are lots of details ease your way. It is also cheaper than most of the commercial ones. (Actually hosted version is free until the end of 2011). You will not look back.

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Gemini + Atlas

Long time user and fan of Gemini. Simple mailbox integration although not as comprehensive as FogBugz (basic and it works well for us). Free for 3 users (I think they still do this).

You really have to check out what they have done with Atlas - light years ahead of forums and the like.

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You may want to take a look at the support tool They integrate with their sister product, for issue tracking. Works well for me!

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