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Can anyone point me in the right direction for documentation regarding how the song title text is encoded in streaming audio? (for instance streaming mp3 - both other formats/protocols would also be useful). Thanks

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I think you should be able to use ID3v2 for streaming audio.

ID3 is the standard way to embed meta data in mp3

This is how shoutcast does it

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Perhaps, but ID3 is usually at the start of an mp3 file - so how can a player read it from a stream that is already halfway through a song? Plus the meta info available in a stream is usually tiny compared to the swathe of info in ID3 tags. – UpTheCreek Apr 7 '11 at 17:07
It looks like it varies. Where are you streaming from? This is how shoutcast does it - – Twelve47 Apr 7 '11 at 17:23
That's a great link thanks. I'm trying to get a picture for the most common methods. Looks like they insert the song title at fixed intervals in the stream in this case, which makes sense. Hope you don't mind if I insert this in your answer so I can vote up... – UpTheCreek Apr 8 '11 at 5:33

You should also look at Real Time Streaming Protocol, which can request metadata in Session Description Protocol format that includes the media title and other pertinent information.

AFAIK, Windows Media Streaming and the Apple Quicktime streaming server use this.

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Thank you...... – UpTheCreek Apr 8 '11 at 5:34

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