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How do I get my legend entry to have an underscore in the name without MATLAB thinking I want the underscore to mean subscript?

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You'll have to escape the underscore with a backslash \ as legend('foo\_bar')

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One option, if you don't intend to use any TeX or LaTeX formatting for your legend strings, is to set the 'Interpreter' property for the legend object to 'none'. There are two ways to do this:

legend({'foo_bar'},'Interpreter','none');  %# One line, labels in a cell array

%# OR...

hLegend = legend('foo_bar');        %# Create the legend, returning a handle
set(hLegend,'Interpreter','none');  %# Set the property
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Setting 'Interpreter' to 'none' is the right approach if you don't know the contents of the string (e.g. a parameter such as a filename that contains underscores). – Patrick Jan 13 at 22:13

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