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I have a TabControl with dynamically created tabs and content that vary depending on the XML that is passed in but, I also need a couple of TabItems to be created regardless of the XML content. When I add a <TabItem Header="Users"/> I receive a Items Collection must be empty before using an ItemsSource. Here is what I have now:

<TabControl ItemsSource="{Binding Content}">

                        <TextBlock Text="Header"/>

                        <TextBlock Text="Tab Content"/>

Is there anyway to do this? Thanks!

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As indicated by the error, you must choose between either data binding the ItemsSource, or setting the Items property - you can't do both. You could use a CompositeCollection to combine the contents of the dynamic tabs with another collection containing the non-dynamic tabs. You can then bind the ItemsSource to this CompositeCollection.

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You can use the CompositeCollection to achieve the desired functionality. This might be helpful(though it talked TreeView here) - Binding to a single element inside a CompositeCollection

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