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I tried searching this on Google and didn't really learn anything as the search results usually pertain to other recursive subjects. What I would like to know is if a folder is in Path is it defined recursively(On Windows)? I want to create a C:\StandalonePrograms and add that to path. It will contain a bunch of programming languages and other programs that usually come from zip files. I want to know that if by adding the program directory to it I can call all of the programs. For example if I have C:\StandalonePrograms\SomeProgram can I open up a command prompt type someCommand and expect it to run from the C:\StandalonePrograms\SomeProgram\bin folder? Or do I need to explicitly define C:\StandalonePrograms\SomeProgram\bin in my Path? If I can't is there any workarounds to achieve the situation I want?

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You need to specify each directory individually, the PATH mechanism doesn't walk through subdirectories.

A workaround could be a directory full of batch files (of some sort) that start the real tools with full path

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