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Isotope is incredible, but it doesn't work with my browser's back-button which is a real shame. Everything about the plugin is fluid, except this.

There are a number of plugins that offer this feature (here's one), but they seem to be geared towards loading static HTML content. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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Except what? Why is your browser's back button not working? What are you expecting to see that is not happening? –  mattsven Apr 7 '11 at 17:41
Please see the open issue on hash history and Isotope. –  desandro Apr 7 '11 at 18:26
I'm only using the filtering option for the project in question, other options like sortBy and layoutMode aren't user-changable. You mention there was a hacky approach for your Masonry project, so I'll give that a shot as it does everything I need it to. Thanks! –  thv20 Apr 8 '11 at 0:14
Hmm, I celebrated too soon ;) It's a step in the right direction but still doesn't support the back button. I guess "bookmark-able" is the word. (desandro.com/demo/masonry/docs/filtering-hashes.html#red) –  thv20 Apr 8 '11 at 0:20

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This issue has been resolved. See Isotope: Hash history demo and Isotope: Hash history with jQuery BBQ docs

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