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I want to provide an user of my application with a drag and drop feature. Say I have a div container where the user can drag and drop images present within the div to anywhere within the div. Something similar to http://threedubmedia.com/code/event/drag/demo/basic. But what I need is after the drag and drop has been completed, I want to extract the html code of the container div, so that I can store it and show it to the user at a later point of time, or use it elsewhere for some other purpose. There are a lot of jquery plugins for drag and drop, but I couldnt find any to generate the html code for the dragged elements. What could be the most straightforward way of doing it? Thanks in advance.

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Well it's fairly straightforward to extract the contents of a div with javascript. If you're already using jquery you can simply do something like:

var contents = $('#draggedDiv').html();

or for regular javascript:

var contents = document.getElementById('draggedDiv').innerHTML;

Is this what you mean?

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wow... was it this easy? Worked like a charm. Thanks a ton... –  Maxim Dsouza Apr 7 '11 at 17:59

The easiest way I know is with JavaScript, by storing the innerHTML of the dragged div in a JS variable.

var dragDiv;
dragDiv = getRefToDiv( 'drag-div-id' ).innerHTML;

<div id="drag-div-id">
<!-- the div's contents -->
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