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I'd like to be able to do something like this:

if jira.user_has_permission('jsmith', 'JIRA-123'):
    print '%s has permission to view %s' % (user, record)
    print '%s does not have permission to view %s' % (user, record)

How can I implement jira.user_has_permission()?

Note: I'm looking for the ability to determine whether a user other than the user who is accessing the API has permission to view a given record.

Edit: I'm also open a solution that tells me whether the user has permission to view records inside of a given project. I tried using getProjectByKey, followed by getProjectWithSchemesById, but was not able to obtain the user information that I needed.

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It's long-winded with the standard API but here you go.

getProjectWithSchemesById gives you a RemoteProject object. Probably has to be invoked by a user with jira-admin permissions. Note that getProjectByKey does not set the permission scheme in the value returned but is a handy way to get the project id to use in getProjectWithSchemesById.

The RemoteProject object from getProjectWithSchemesById has a getPermissionScheme method that returns a RemotePermissionScheme object.

The RemotePermissionScheme object has a getRemoteEntries method

The resulting array of RemoteEntries is what you need to iterate over to look for the Browse permission and which users and groups have it.


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I think I'd probably write a custom SOAP method to do this. –  mdoar Apr 7 '11 at 20:34

The soap operation getIssue will throw a RemotePermissionException when a user is trying to access a permission she shouldn't access.

Not sure how this is done in python, but I'm sure there should be a way to catch the exception in your method.


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Hi Francis, I'm looking for an API to determine is a different user has permission to view the issue, not whether the user who is accessing the API has permission to view the issue. –  David Apr 7 '11 at 18:31

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