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in the table sf_guard_user, the email_address and username are requiered, but i want to use the email as username

so, i'm thinking to remove one of this field from the form, but as it are required, i always get the error, and i'm trying to set the username = email_address or vice versa, i've tried in the action, form, and model, but no success....

thought that writing a function in the sfGuardUser model with the name getUsername() and returning the email was enough, but no........

is this possible?? how can i do it??


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Of cause it is possible. You don't even have to mess with schema. Just store email in both username and email_address.

class sfGuardUserForm extends PluginsfGuardUserForm
  public function doSave($con = null)
    //update object with form values

    return parent::doSave($con);
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what is this line for $this->updateObject();?? –  Kstro21 Apr 8 '11 at 12:35
Updates the form object with the current values. Otherwise you can end up with a form that is referencing outdated data. –  Blair McMillan Apr 8 '11 at 12:46

Overriding username field in the Object::save() function is much better way - so that it handles all forms.

In you forms, you override the validator for username widget. You can also hide the widget if you want.

class sfGuardUserAdminForm extends BasesfGuardUserAdminForm

  public function setup()
    $this->setWidget('username', new sfWidgetFormInputHidden());
    $this->setValidator('username', new sfValidatorPass());



class sfGuardUser extends PluginsfGuardUser
  public function save(Doctrine_Connection $conn = null){
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