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I'm building a small survey builder as a learning project, and I am stuck on making a form for a very simple surveys using Rails3 & DataMapper.

I have 4 models

    Question (belongs to Survey, accepts nested attributes for Answer) 
  Response (belongs to Survey)
    Answer (belongs to Question, belongs to Response)

Once building a survey of X number of questions, I want to fill in responses. I cannot build a form to handle this this is what I have for the form:

    = simple_form_for @response do |f|
    - @survey.questions.each do |q|
     = q.questionfield
      = simple_fields_for :answers_attributes do |a|
       = a.input :answerfield

This does not work. It gets, outputs a form with space for each question & answer, but only posts 1 answerfield no matter how questions are on the survey.

In pseudo terms I know I want to:

pull up a constructed survey, create a new response to that survey as one form containing fields to put answers for each question in the form and then post response.

I've found nothing simple as an example to copy for what I want to do and there seems to be no current documentation. I've hit a wall and haven't found a solution so perhaps you can help.

(I am interested in building this on my own with any input I can get, I've already reviewed options so do not point me to the surveyor gem or anything big and complex with another dsl -- I'm looking to build this into a very small reusable gem in the future...still any input appreciated)

continued here: Rails form building / accepts_nested_attibutes / EMPTY

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Did you look at: ? –  apneadiving Apr 7 '11 at 19:31
Yes...I've been over that, but as its for activerecord and over a year old I put it aside. e.g. using .build I get a message that it is deprecated. Also it just builds a survey, doesn't handle output of a response instance and processing. I can look over it again. –  blueblank Apr 7 '11 at 20:16
I see where I might try another level of nested attribution between suvey and question. –  blueblank Apr 7 '11 at 20:49

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