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In VS2010 project file I have this, yet it does not copy the files at all. Why?

<Target Name="AfterBuild">
    <Exec Command="xcopy.exe /Y /S $(ProjectDir)Templates\*.tt  $(dev_folder)MyWebsites\DotNetNuke%20Community%20Edition\DesktopModules\SharpMod\Templates\"/>
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What is the output of the AfterBuild target? Any error messages? – Eric Eijkelenboom Apr 7 '11 at 19:35
@Eric: Error 1 The command "xcopy.exe /Y /S C:\software\dynomod\DnnModules\dnnSphere.DNNModules.SharpMod\Templates*.tt c:\softwareMyWebsites\DotNetNuke Community Edition\DesktopModules\SharpMod\Templates\" exited with code 4. C:\software\dynomod\DnnModules\dnnSphere.DNNModules.SharpMod\dnnSphere.DNNMod‌​ules.SharpMod.csproj 243 5 dnnSphere.DNNModules.SharpMod – epitka Apr 7 '11 at 19:37

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It might be because you've got spaces in your paths. Try to use double quotes:

<Target Name="AfterBuild">
    <Exec Command="xcopy.exe /Y /S &quot;$(ProjectDir)Templates\*.tt&quot;  &quot;$(dev_folder)MyWebsites\DotNetNuke%20Community%20Edition\DesktopModules\SharpMod\Templates\&quot;"/>
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XCopy code 4 is a permissions or file space issue

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You're missing a backslash after $(dev_folder) in your destination. Looking at your comment response to Eric, it's resulting in c:\softwareMyWebsites\DotNetNuke Community Edition\DesktopModules\SharpMod\Templates\ - notice the missing path delimiter between software and MyWebsites.

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