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I have the following problem with my latex document (see the red marked area in the picture). I want to scratch the words like in the green marked area.

my latex problem :) - see the red area

I guess that this misbehavior evolves through my style settings.


\usepackage{times}                            % font-style
\usepackage{graphicx}                         % figures
\usepackage[square]{natbib}                   % for references
\usepackage{csquotes}                         % quotes
\usepackage{verbatim}                         % comment-environment
\linespread{1.10}                             % line distance
\DeclareGraphicsRule{.pdftex}{pdf}{.pdftex}{} % for xfig
\usepackage{tabularx}                         % tables
\usepackage{srcltx}                           % forward/reverse search in dvi
\usepackage[perpage,marginal,hang]{footmisc}  % make special footnote symbols
\sloppy                                       % prevent overfull boxes

%\usepackage[ngerman]{babel}                                                % damit das Inhaltsverzeichnis auf deutsch ist

%% styling the header and footer
\usepackage[headsepline]{scrpage2}                    % separation line in the header

%% color


%% settings for caption

% counter hack for setting the counter for the listings

If you can, please tell me, which option I have to change in order to get a 'fine word stretching' for the whole document.

As always, thanks for your fast and helpful answers.


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I think that your problem is connected with url. Url adress is printed as one word without spaces. You may add \newline before "http://...."

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Hi Anton, thanks for your help, but this does not solve my problem. –  Matthias Guenther Apr 7 '11 at 20:16
How do you specify literature item? –  Anton Derevyanko Apr 7 '11 at 20:37
Just as a normal bibentry. –  Matthias Guenther Apr 8 '11 at 18:03

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