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I have time tagged data formatted using datetime.datetime.strptime that includes milliseconds. The data can span from a few minutes to a few hours. When I plot using pyplot and zoom in, it seems the minimum tick mark is 1 second. It appears that matplotlib's TickHelper RRuleLocator only has a SecondLocator. Is there a way to include millisecond resolution when zoomed in?

receivedTime = datetime.datetime.strptime(str(data[1]), "%H:%M:%S.%f")


ax.plot(times, prices, color='blue', lw=1, drawstyle='steps-post', label = prices)


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Matplotlib uses Matlab like numbers (seconds since 1970) for dates. If you have milliseconds, you must convert the dates to 'number':

import matplotlib.dates as mdates
ntimes = mdates.num2epoch(times / 1000.0)

and plot ntimes instead of times.

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