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I spend a lot of time debugging code for a CAD/CAM application. There are many times when I look at a variable in a watch window that has a long list of data points. Sometimes it's quite difficult to do a spot check making sure the data points actually make sense.

I'd love to create a visual studio addin in which during a debug session I can highlight a variable in code, or perhaps in a watch window, that contains a list of points. Then I could right click into a context menu (or some other menu) and select my brand new "Plot Points" Addin.

I don't have any experience creating Visual Studio Addins, and from the little research I've done, it isn't clear if this is even possible.

Does anyone have a suggestion, example, or idea related to my idea?

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Yes, it's possible, and not too difficult to pull off. What you're describing falls into the realm of a VS Debug Visualizers.

Also, this is mostly a duplicate of this question.

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