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This is part of an XML document that I have:

<a href=";get=fullsize.png">fullsize.png</a></td></tr>

I need to extract the href attribute "of the <a> element after the <td> element with content 'Image:'". The <a> element has no other id or class attributes that I can use.

Sorry if that sounds complicated

Thanks in advance!

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Do you need help with the syntax of a specific parser, or are you trying to find an XML parser for Python? – Anthony Apr 7 '11 at 21:29

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OK, the final elegant (I hope ;) answer with a single XPath expression

from lxml import etree
root = etree.fromstring(your_text)
print root.xpath("//td[contains(text(), 'Image')]/following-sibling::td/a/@href")[0]
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If your input file is just like your excerpt, the following code may help you:

from xml.dom.minidom import parseString

def tdlinks(xml):
    o = []
    l = parseString(xml).getElementsByTagName('td')
    while l != []:
        if l[0].firstChild.wholeText == unicode('Image:') and len(l) > 1:
            if l[1].getElementsByTagName('a') != []:
    return o

Take a look at the minidom documentation. It may help you to improve the code if you find any anomaly during its execution.

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Use lxml

Your XPath would look like /tr/td[1]/a to get the element, then you can do el.attrib['href']

You can actually traverse the tree without XPath, but it's very powerful and useful tool

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Based on his question, he would need to query the td after the td containing "Image:". I think there is a "next sibling" selector for Xpath, right? – Anthony Apr 7 '11 at 21:33
yes, for sure (though I don't remember it :). may be if this is so complicated (the're multiple td's, only 1 contains 'Image:' text) the solution would be 1. select ALL td's, iterate, check their text().startswith('Image'), then select its next sibling – Guard Apr 7 '11 at 21:34
the selector is following-sibling ( – Guard Apr 7 '11 at 21:37
from xml.dom import minidom

dom = minidom.parseString("""<tr><td>Image:</td><td>
<a href=";get=fullsize.png">fullsize.png</a></td></tr>

print dom.toxml() + "\n"

links = (a.attributes['href'].value for a in dom.getElementsByTagName('a') 
    if a.parentNode.nodeName == 'td' and == 'Image:')

for link in links:
    print link

results in:

<?xml version="1.0" ?><tr><td>Image:</td><td>
<a href=";get=fullsize.png">fullsize.png</a></td></tr>
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