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I need to add control to my WPF application which will show video in real time from camera device in 720x580 resolution.

The main requirements:

  1. It should be really quick and show good performance.
  2. Full screen mode video with hi resolution.
  3. I can see some wpf controls over video control when it in fullscreen mode.
  4. 720x580 resolution supported.
  5. Not take much processor resources!

I saw some controls in the internet. But i need to have some feedbacks about them. Please give advice if you used some. What control or library you prefer and which can meet my requirements. Thanks for replies

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You could try the VideoCaptureElement in WPF MediaKit

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I tried all of them and they are almoust the same –  Evgeny Apr 12 '11 at 10:21

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