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Can anyone tell me how to send the text inside an input textbox?
I've been using this:

    $.get("registernext.php", { uname: uname, pass1: pass1, pass2: pass2, email: email },

Can anyone suggest how to get this working? :)
The text boxes have the same name as the variables I want to use.

Thanks for the help!

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Give the input boxes the id's rather than just the name and set the variables as:

$.get("registernext.php", { "uname": $("#uname").val(), "pass1": $("#pass1").val(), "pass2": $("#pass2").val(), "email": $("#email").val() },
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$("#someInputId").val("Value you want it to have here");


$("#someInputId").val(); // returns value of #someInputId
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you beat me to it! – atomthegod Apr 7 '11 at 22:39

To put something inside of an input textbox you have set set it's value. Input textboxes do not accept HTML inside of them.

In JQuery, you can use the val() function to do this, or set the Javascript value property on a DOM node.

If I am understanding what you want to do correctly, this is the code you would need:

 { uname: uname, pass1: pass1, pass2: pass2, email: email },
   for(var i in data){
    $("#" + i.toString()).val(data[i]);
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