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I have a Users controller and a layout called 'users.html.haml'. The problem I'm having is that Rails does not seem to find the users layout automatically. I have to tell every action in the Users controller to render the layout. If I don't tell the action which layout to use, it renders no layout at all.

Currently, the layout renders only if the controller action has this line:

render :layout=>'users.html.haml'

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I'm an idiot. I overwrote the "initialize" method in application controller, and it was causing all layouts to be loaded improperly unless I specifically told the action which layout to use. Didn't have anything to do with haml after all. Thanks for all your answers.

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You havev the users.html.haml in your


directory right? And not your app/views/users directory?

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Try giving as

render :layout=>'users'

NOTE: I have removed the .haml.html part, coz that doesn't necessary

Other this you can do is to have the layout in top of the controller, like

layout 'users'

EDIT: and like @Noli said, your layouts should be in app/views/layouts path

hope this helps


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