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I am writing a java web application that reads properties from a .properties file. Since I do not know the absolute path of the .properties file, because it depends on the environment the application will run on in the future, I have to load it with "getClass().getResourceAsStream":

Properties props = new Properties();
message = props.getProperty("testdata");

This works as expected. Now I want to change the value for testdata in the file. But I cannot open an Outputstream to write to, because I still don't know the path of the .properties file.

props.setProperty("testdata", "foooo");
props.store(new FileOutputStream("?????"), null);

Is there a way to get the path of the file or can I use the established Properties-object somehow? Any ideas are welcome that allow me to change the .properties file.

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You can get an URL by using getResource() rather than using getResourceAsStream()

You can then use that URL to read from and write to your properties file.

File myProps = new File(myUrl.toURI());
FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream(myProps); 


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What if the properties file I need to update is in a war or ear file? –  Kevin Yang Dec 10 '12 at 0:30
@KevinYang - see: stackoverflow.com/questions/3160691/… –  Brian Roach Dec 10 '12 at 0:36

The Properties class includes a store method that can be used to save the properties back to the stream that was read in getClass().getResourceAsStream("test.properties").

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The store method requires a FileOutputStream, but getClass().getResourceAsStream("test.properties") only gives me a FileInputStream. If those cannot be converted in a sane way, this approach fails. –  Demento Apr 8 '11 at 0:31

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