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Some lines of code? Any experience?

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possible duplicate of iOS Detect 3G or WiFi – James Webster Dec 16 '13 at 15:49

You can use Apple's Reachability code to retrieve this information:


Reachability *reach = [Reachability reachabilityForLocalWiFi];
[reach startNotifier];

NetworkStatus stat = [reach currentReachabilityStatus];

if(stat & NotReachable) {
   //not reachable

if(stat & ReachableViaWiFi) {
   //reachable via wifi

if(stat & ReachableViaWWAN) {
   //reachable via wwan
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Apple's Reachability class will give you this information.


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Since than I made a pretty simple block based Reachability wrapper that strips all the outdated C-like Reachability code, poured into a much more Cocoa form.

Usage like:

[EPPZReachability reachHost:hostNameOrIPaddress
               completition:^(EPPZReachability *reachability)
    if (reachability.reachableViaCellular) [self doSomeLightweightStuff];

See Reachability with blocks for everyday use at eppz!blog, or grab it directly from eppz!reachability at GitHub.

It also works with IP addresses, which turned out to be a pretty rare Reachability wrapper feature.

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