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I have a table in Rails where a number of columns are full of true/false values.

How can I do a performant substitution, replacing a table full of trues and falses with small images to represent true and false?

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By "table" do you mean an HTML table? If so, a jQuery selector and .each() should cover this. (I can post a real answer with some code if this is what you meant.) –  Jon Gauthier Apr 8 '11 at 3:05
@Hans - that's exactly it. The table is being dynamically generated so javascript could be perfect. –  sscirrus Apr 8 '11 at 3:50

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I would usually add a class to a <span> or <div> element, and then use CSS selectors to apply the appropriate background image for each case.

In the view...

<span class='foo-indicator <%= @item.foo? ? 'foo' : 'not-foo' %>'>&nbsp;</span>

In the CSS stylesheet...

.foo-indicator {
  /* Specify height, width, positioning, etc. */
.foo {
  background-image: url('../images/is-foo.png')
.not-foo {
  background-image: url('../images/not-foo.png')
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Have a helper method (Something like this) , in your application helper

def display_status(status)
  (status == true) ? image("true.png") : image("false.png") 

def image(name)

And when u r cleating the table, call the 'display_status' method with the parameter

hope this helps


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the same idea as Steve Jorgensen but without css

<img src="<%= @item.foo? ? "/images/true.png" : "/images/false.png" %>"></img>

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