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i'm reading a javascript source code , and i haven't written javascript before. i'm confused about some syntax of it.

<script id="source" language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

$(function () {    



could you tell me , why the anonymous function is putted in the $( ), what is the use of $( ) , is the anonymous function will be called ? or will be execute automatically.

another one :

var plot = $.plot($("#placeholder"),
          [ { data: monkeyavgtime, label: "monkey average run time"}, { data: monkeymixtime, label: "monkey shortest run time" } ], 
              series: {
              lines: { show: true },
              points: { show: true }
              grid: { hoverable: true, clickable: true },
              yaxis: { min: 0, max: maxtime },
              xaxis: {ticks:[[0,version[0]],[1,version[1]],[2,version[2]], [3,version[3]], [4,version[4]],[5,version[5]],[6,version[6]]]}

1 : $.plot , what $. stand for ?

2 : $("#placeholder") there is a tag in the html :
dose $("#placeholder") is a reference to it ? but is there any different with var obj=document.getElementById("product") ?

thanks very much !

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it supposed to attract dollars into your wallet (doesnt work, look at PHP salaries), in any other means it is valid characted for use in identifiers –  Free Consulting Apr 8 '11 at 4:40
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$ is just a variable name. There's not much special about it. It's commonly used in libraries such as jQuery and Prototype because it's short and easy to type.

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JavaScript variable names may begin with a $, e.g. $foo = 42. It's also legal to name a variable as just a $.

Nothing in the JavaScript core language uses this name, but some JavaScript libraries (notably Prototype and jQuery) create a global variable named $ that is a function with all sorts of extra functionality, including using CSS-like expressions to select elements in the DOM conveniently.

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$ doesn't even have to be only at the beginning — it's allowed anywhere in a variable name. –  icktoofay Apr 8 '11 at 3:21
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Here $ is probably the jQuery function. In javascript $ is a valid name so some libraries just use it as an alias for another function, in this case jQuery. In this case the anonymous function is called by jQuery when the DOM has loaded. I would recommend reading some introductory javascript material.

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