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In the example below, the border has a text block and a button inside. after the button is pressed, the fadeBorder is called and the border and everything in it fades nicely. If I try to call someMethod a 2nd time, the border opacity is still 0, and I can't see my border/message/button. I tried to set it back to one by doing myBorder.Opacity=1; This does not have any effect on the opacity, it's still set to 0 after this line. Is there a trick to resetting my Border opacity back to 1.0 after a storyboard has completed? I also tried setting a double var to 1.0, then assign that var to the border opacity, that did not have an effect either.

public void someMethod(string message) {
    myTextBlock.Text = message;
    Ect... with Button Control and alignment of controls

protected void fadeBorder() {
    var fade = new DoubleAnimation() {
        From = 1,
        To = 0,
        Duration = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(this.secondsToFade),

    Storyboard.SetTarget(fade, myBorder);
    Storyboard.SetTargetProperty(fade, new PropertyPath(Border.OpacityProperty));
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How to: Set a Property After Animating It with a Storyboard

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That did the trick. Thanks so much! –  Bob Underwood Apr 8 '11 at 13:34

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