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I want to add a 'Plone portlet' widget in Faceted criteria config screen. In particular, here I need a static portlet to add URL links. How do I fill the 'Portlet macro' field for a static portlet? Helper message is 'Path to portlet macro', and I already try values like 'here/portlet_static/macros/portlet' and 'here/portlet_recent/macros/portlet', all failed.

Plone 4.0.2 + eea.facetednavigation 4.0rc1

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I don't know anything about eea.facetednavigation but it sounds to me like you have a bad mix of portlet technologies.

The /macros/portlet slot was only available in classic portlets based on simple templates as used in Plone 2.5. Since Plone 3 we have a completely different portlet machinery which no longer has any TAL macros in them.

As far as I know the EEA site is still using Plone 2.5 - so I wouldn't be surprised if many of their add-ons aren't compatible with later versions of Plone.

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Thanks, Hanno. Your answer helps a lot. While hoping there's generic Plone portlet support soon, my quick workaround is hacking into its browser/template/ and adding <div tal:condition="python: == 'myfolder'">. – marr Apr 10 '11 at 8:26

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