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I was trying to use Configgy for logging in my Lift project and I added

lazy val configgy = "net.lag" % "configgy" % "2.0.0" intransitive()

to my Plugins.scala. Then I import the needed classes like this:

import net.lag.logging.Logger

Then I use the Logger in Boot.scala. But when I compile I get the following error:

value lag is not a member of package net

Why is that? The jar is on the classpath, everything should be in place. I'm using Scala 2.8.1, Lift 2.3 and SBT 2.7.5.

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Can you try import

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Yes, I also tried this but the result was the same. BTW, I found this link to a very similar question but the solution is not really obvious. – lifty Apr 9 '11 at 5:18

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