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I have a Windows application called TechReader. Its configuration file is TechReader.exe.config. Some parts of the configuration are kept in other configuration files. So I refer to that config file from the config section created in the exe.config.

 <TechReader.ProviderConfiguration file="localProvider.config"/>

Now I want to load the whole configuration of my application using reflection. I use code like this.

Assembly techReaderAssembly = Assembly.GetAssembly(typeof(TechReaderStarter));
ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(techReaderAssembly .Location);

TechReaderStarter class is defined in the project whose output is windows application and not the library.

When I use above code, I get TargetInvocationException and ConfigurationErrorsException

  1. Is the approach correct?
  2. Will OpenExeConfiguration load the final configuration generated by merging the exe.config and other referenced config file?
  3. How can I achieve the things?

Note: I want to use this Windows application to install as a Windows Service. I am trying to read the configuration in the ServiceInstaller class (a class which inherits ServiceInstaller) so that the details like service name mentioned in the configuration of the Service will be available to the installutil. For this I have to use reflection to get the exact configuration of the service.

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