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Hi I want to build my wars in grails without compression to optimize rsync transfer. How can I specify this option?

As shown here, I want compress=false, as in

I specifically want to know how to do it using the grails war task target, i.e., something like

$ grails war -compress=false

Can anyone tell me how to do this??

Thanks! Jamie

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If you look at the docs for the war command there is no such option. The only way you'll be able to achieve this is by writing your own grails command (using GAnt) that invokes the underlying Ant task with the compress=false option. You should then put this in the scripts directoy of your app or a plugin if you want to reuse it across several apps.

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I figured it out! Thanks! – orange80 Apr 11 '11 at 2:41

Both the jar and war plugins now have an entryCompression property.


war {
     entryCompression = ZipEntryCompression.STORED

From Gradle API Documentation

The compression level of the entries of the archive. If set to ZipEntryCompression.DEFLATED (the default), each entry is compressed using the DEFLATE algorithm. If set to ZipEntryCompression.STORED the entries of the archive are left uncompressed.

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