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How can I extract a string using regular expressions in Haskell?

let x = "xyz abc" =~ "(\\w+) \\w+" :: String

That doesn't event get a match

let x = "xyz abc" =~ "(.*) .*" :: String

That does but x ends up as "xyz abc" how do I extract only the first regex group so that x is "xyz"?

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I wrote/maintain such packages as regex-base, regex-pcre, and regex-tdfa.

In regex-base the Text.Regex.Base.Context module documents the large number of instances of RegexContext that =~ uses. These are implemented on top of RegexLike which provides the underlying way to call matchText and matchAllText.

The [[String]] that KennyTM mentions is another instance of RegexContext, and may or may not be one that works best for you. A comprehensive instance is

RegexContext a b (AllTextMatches (Array Int) (MatchText b))

type MatchText source = Array Int (source, (MatchOffset, MatchLength))

which can be used to get a MatchText for everything:

let x :: Array Int (MatchText String)
    x = getAllTextMatches $ "xyz abc" =~ "(\\w+) \\w+"

At which point x is an Array Int of matches of an Array Int of group-matches.

Note that "\w" is Perl syntax so you need regex-pcre to access it. If you want Unix/Posix extended regular expressions you should use regex-tdfa which is cross-platform and avoid using regex-posix that hits each platform's bugs in implementing the regex.h library.

Note that Perl vs Posix is not just a matter of syntax like "\w". They use very different algorithms and often return different results. Also, the time and space complexity are very different. For matching against a string of length 'n' Perl style (regex-pcre) can be O(exp(n)) in time while Posix style using regex-posix is always O(n) in time.

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Cast the result as [[String]]. Then you'll get a list of matches, each being the list of matched text and the captured subgroups.

Prelude Text.Regex.PCRE> "xyz abc more text" =~ "(\\w+) \\w+" :: [[String]]
[["xyz abc","xyz"],["more text","more"]]
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