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How I can retrieve data from the SUM(total) field? The following code does not produce a value in sum_tot:

$bill_receipts = $this->BanquetBillMaster->find('all', 
                    array('conditions' => array('status' => 2),
                          'fields' => array('id', 'total', 
                                  '(SUM(total)) AS sum_tot','booking_master_id'),
                          'group' => 'booking_master_id',
                          'contain' => false));

foreach($bill_receipts as $aa)
    echo $aa['BanquetBillMaster']['sum_tot'];
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do you have such field at all in you table? –  Headshota Apr 8 '11 at 7:40

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Try to print the array with debug( $bill_receipts );, the sum_tot field is probably in $aa[ 0 ][ 'sum_tot' ]. Named fields are placed outside the "normal" structure.

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