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From this question:-

Is there a webservice/API to grab a screenshot of another website?

and some other questions/google I got some results like:--

Can you suggest me something really fast and powerful. I am ready to pay for it. Isnt google providing any api for it? as they are showing screenshots in results.

EDIT:-- Also I need something which capture complete home page. Not just one screen.

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urlbox.io - screenshot as a service. Its got easy to integrate API and extremely fast and reliable service. –  netmatrix01 Apr 17 '13 at 12:01
Looked at those and then found gograb.it which was faster and free at the level I'm using it. –  Caedmon Apr 10 at 17:27

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wkhmltopdf is the best API I've seen so far for that kind of stuff. it uses the Webkit rendering engine.



Here's the manual for wkhtmltoimage:


Following SleepyCod lead. I got the solution.

Following these links you can setup a high quality pdf's gems and plugins installation guide.

Same way you can generate PNG's too. :-)

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You can take a look at Browshot for real-time screenshots of any website. It can be used to capture the screen or the whole page. You can create a free accounts and try free screenshots. No limitation on the thumbnail size.

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Nice.. awesome... –  Mohit Jain Jan 16 '12 at 10:15

Take a look at this one: http://immediatenet.com/thumbnail_api.html cached entries are fetched fast, and new requests pretty much immediately. There's a way to get complete pages also: http://immediatenet.com/HTML2image.html but there is no known API for that yet (rumours are that there will be one though) The greatest thing is that you can even request own API:s if existing ones aren't ok.

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You should try GrabzIt they are fast and have API's in five different languages including: Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET, Python and Perl.

The most simple example they have for a server side language is:


$grabzIt = new GrabzItClient("APPLICATION KEY", "APPLICATION SECRET");
$grabzIt->SavePicture("http://www.google.com", "images/test.jpg");
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There is also a JavaScript library which is able to capture a screenshot of websites. I used it once and it was pretty handy. Take a look at it PhantomJS.

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webshotapi.com is a good service you just need to request access to their api

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it'd be great if you could explain why it's a good service, and why it's the better choice. –  Taryn East Nov 14 '12 at 5:48

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