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I have the following XML.

<logs version="" xmlns="http://www.witsml.org/schemas/131">
    <log uidWell="001" uidWellbore="001" uid="0c43e8df-ed63-41e4-878f-d1e5dd3b97d1">
        <startIndex uom="m">200.29</startIndex>
        <endIndex uom="m">209.73</endIndex>
        <logData />

I want to retrieve the element <logData> from the XML.

I have tried with,

XDocument xDoc = XDocument.Load(@"e:\data.xml");
XNamespace xmlns = "http://www.witsml.org/schemas/131";
XElement xlog = xDoc.Element(xmlns + "logData");

But it is returning null for xlog.

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You need to go deeper in the hierarchy using Descendants(), like this:

  var xlogs = xDoc.Descendants(xmlns + "logData");

Which will give you an enumerable with all logData.

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