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i m trying to search an array which contains patterns like


and wants to search the particular pattern someway like


can somebody pls suggest me a useful way to do this

thanks in advance...

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2 Answers

Just use preg_grep here:

preg_grep("/^mike.*/", $array);
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This must rewrite the search pattern (but that shouldn be that complicated). Also this returns an array of all matching items, array_search() just returns the key of the first matching. Just get the key of the first element and thats it :) ($result = key(preg_match(/*..*/)); –  KingCrunch Apr 8 '11 at 8:03
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With array_search() I dont see, that this is possible. I would array_filter() give a try. Also look at fnmatch(). Untested:

$pattern = 'mike*';
$array = array('mike_45','peter_23','jim_12');
$array = array_filter($arry, function($entry) use ($pattern) {
  return fnmatch($pattern, $entry);

Requires PHP5.3 and also see my comment on hsz's answer. Except that this one dont need to rewrite the search pattern, its similar.

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