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I am a newbie to programming and recently made a rss feeds for my app. Now can anyone gimme a idea bout how I can save rss feeds to my local box from an external rss feeds url. Thanks

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How are you getting your rss feeds? If you retreieve it as XML, you can use save the XML anyway you wanted –  Winfred Apr 8 '11 at 9:10
What do you mean with 'local box'? –  Gerben Jacobs Apr 8 '11 at 9:11

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Assuming you wanted to read the contents and then save to a local file, you could do the following:

$feedurl = "http://someurl/feed/";
$feedme = file_get_contents($feedurl);
  $fh = fopen('path/to/newfeed.xml', 'w+'); //create new file if not exists
  fwrite($fh, $feedme) or die("Failed to write contents to new file"); //write contents to new XML file
  fclose($fh) or die("failed to close stream resource"); //close resource stream
  die("Failed to read contents of feed at $feedurl");

That is a REALLY simple example to get you started.

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Note, it does not HAVE to be an XML file, but considering that an RSS feed is a form of XML, it is good practice. You could then read the contents of your saved file, add your respective RSS/XML headers in php, and echo out the contents, this will show your feed in the browser. –  SimonDowdles Apr 8 '11 at 9:19

I would suggest to use cURL to retrieve the data and any xml-parser to analyze. Or just use google ;-) -> using-php-curl-to-read-rss-feed-xml

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