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trying to add a contact below is sample code from api where can i get all the valid fields like organization etc and some sample python code for that?

new_contact = gdata.contacts.ContactEntry(title=atom.Title(text=name))
new_contact.content = atom.Content(text=notes)
# Create a work email address for the contact and use as primary.,
    primary='true', rel=gdata.contacts.REL_WORK))
# Add extended properties to add data which is used in your application.
    name='favourite flower', value='daisy'))
sports_property = gdata.ExtendedProperty(name='sports')

# Send the contact data to the server.
contact_entry = gd_client.CreateContact(new_contact)
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There's a pretty full list of attributes in the gdata-python-client source code (see the PersonEntry and ContactEntry classes) and some example code for using the client as well.

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Found by Pradeep [link]… – coder Jun 8 '11 at 13:12

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