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i want know the current internet connection on device??

in android i found the two property to know network type like..



but how to know 3G network??

pls help me out

Thanks in Advance!

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now i can know 3 type of network as follow..........

ConnectivityManager connec = (ConnectivityManager) activity.getSystemService(Context.CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE); wifi = connec.getNetworkInfo(ConnectivityManager.TYPE_WIFI); mobile = connec.getNetworkInfo(ConnectivityManager.TYPE_MOBILE);

NetworkInfo info = connec.getActiveNetworkInfo();

int netSubType = info.getSubtype();e

            if (wifi.isConnected()) 

             wifi is connected

            else if (mobile.isConnected())
                if(netSubType == TelephonyManager.NETWORK_TYPE_UMTS)
                       3G is connected

                      GPRS is connected


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try to get subType() with this snippet:

NetworkInfo info = mConnectivity.getActiveNetworkInfo();
int netSubType = info.getSubtype();

then if netSubType is TelephonyManager.NETWORK_TYPE_UMTS, then its a 3G network

Updated: What's 'info' here

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dude can you tell me what is that info , i tried ConnectivityManager its not working.. – Ganapathy Apr 8 '11 at 10:30
Sorry, forgot to add that. see the updated answer – Sheikh Aman Apr 8 '11 at 10:43
thank man it's working.... – milind Apr 8 '11 at 12:52

As far as I have used 3G is coming under ConnectivityManager.TYPE_MOBILE only.

If you are using emulator then you can press F8 to connect and disconnect 3G.

It also disconnects GPRS. for both ConnectivityManager.TYPE_MOBILE is used.

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