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Specifically, writing a functional spec based on filling out a bloated corporate template, versus dying a slow and painful death. Is there a difference?

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Well we are all dying slow deaths so only the painful part of that is relevant. The difference is that pain, while only a perception is more likely to be real than the functional specification.

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There is a palpable difference in the world when someone dies a horrible death. Also, organs can be reused.

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Only if the GPL box is checked on the back of the coder's license –  Paul Apr 8 '11 at 9:26

Yes. Dying a slow and painful death is much more pleasurable

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In Hindu philosophy (Buddhist also), you die to live again and bear you past karma. Who knows, you would be reborn to work on the same code base! To get a definite answer we need to ask COBOL/Mainframe programmers.

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If you die a slow and painful death, you may become a martyr to the cause of stopping functional specs, but writing a functional spec will never get you to become a martyr for the cause of dying, so no, they are not the same.

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On the plus side you will only die once (at least in some religions) where as there will always be another functional specification :-)

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It could be worse. You could be writting a functional spec for dying, with painful being a last minute requirement and slow being optional.

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